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PAS de la rue has a local intervention team, made up of professional and human workers, who reach out to people in serious precarious situations, who are at risk of ending up on the street. Our stakeholders work with the people reached, in particular by making home visits. They also directly reach homeless people who require close support in their stabilization / reaffiliation efforts, by making visits to 1st line resources and working closely with them (Father’s House, Old Brewery Mission, Accueil Bonneau, Backpack, Red Roof, CSLC, hospitals, etc.), while doing interventions directly in public spaces (streets, metro stations, parks, etc.). Our local stakeholders provide support towards adequate resources, help to take the first steps, and work in close partnership with community players.

In 2017-2018 :

2103 collaborations with partners
2270  interventions
149 support in the process
1237 telephone interventions
61 interventions with women.