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In a friendly and welcoming spirit, with a cook who prepares homestyle soups or meals, our Food Security component aims at food self-sufficiency (activities, workshops, etc.), as well as providing day-to-day basic food services.

Provided on-premises at our day centre, this component addresses a core issue experienced by many elderly or ageing people who are alone, whether they be living in extremely precarious conditions, or homeless.

Our Food Security component aims at addressing this need through basic food services, while ensuring we are not being a substitute to food resources, whose main mission is to feed people. With this in mind, our service includes educational and food self-sufficiency related activities and out-reach actions.
Our two main partners for this component are the Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation, and the Léger Foundation.

In 2013-2014:

16 128 soups
10 416 snacks
6 108 breakfasts
2 016 meals and side dishes
12 “Bonne Bouffe” luncheon meetings
12 tasting/demonstration meals.