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Actor, director, author, director, animator, René Richard Cyr was artistic director and co-director general of the Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui from 1998 to 2004. He also assumed the artistic co-direction of the Théâtre PàP (Petit à Petit) from 1981 in 1998. As an actor, the role of Hosanna de Tremblay earned him two awards for interpretation, he participated in various television series including Cover Girl for which he was twice nominated for the Gemini Awards. In addition to numerous artistic directions for variety shows, notably with Diane Dufresne and Céline Dion, we owe her a large number of theatrical productions: Molière, Shakespeare, Camus, Brecht, Williams, Genet, Ionesco, but also creations by Michel Tremblay , Michel Marc Bouchard, Daniel Danis, René Daniel Dubois and Serge Boucher.

Sensitive to the cause of homelessness and aging, it was in 2017 that René Richard Cyr decided to join PAS de la rue as a spokesperson.

«Because I live in downtown Montreal, I can see the precariousness and isolation of several homeless people every day. It seems to me that an organization like PAS de la rue has given itself the mission of providing them with daily support formulas, focusing mainly on an aging clientele and therefore even more vulnerable. I humbly wanted to join this formidable mandate so that their efforts are recognized and supported at their true value. There is often only one simple step that leads from the quietness and comfort of our cozy lives to the harshness and poverty that life on the street imposes; it is our responsibility as a citizen to recognize and help. Said the new spokesperson.




Biography to come.