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The street PAS approach is intended to be a global approach taking into account all aspects and needs of the person, in an integrated process. This process goes from meeting in the street to social or residential reintegration, or even simply stabilization, through socialization in the center and getting back into motion. We base this intervention process on an individualized and proactive approach, aimed at developing everyone’s power to act.

Our stakeholders go to meet the elders, in their environment, to make them aware of the center and what they can find there, offer them our support if they express the need, or simply offer them a sincere presence generating ties.


PAS de la rue is committed to respecting the code of ethics of the Association of Professionals in Philanthropic Management (APGP)

This Code of Ethics for Fundraising and Financial Accountability has been developed by the Canadian Center for Philanthropy, in consultation with leaders of charitable organizations from across Canada. In Quebec, the Philanthropy Council distributes and disseminates the Code of Ethics.

Charities that will adopt this code are committed to implementing fundraising practices that respect the rights of donors to proper information and respect for their privacy. They also undertake to manage the funds that donors entrust to them in a responsible manner, as well as to report their financial information accurately and completely.

Current and potential donors who have questions or concerns about fundraising activities should first contact the charity. Charities that adopt the Code of Ethics for Fundraising and Financial Responsibility agree to respond promptly and honestly to such requests for information.