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Support and assistance
PAS de la rue’s aim is to welcome and support people in their steps towards stability, integration, and well-being
. This is why we offer support through professional and understanding workers who are available to help every beneficiary at their own pace, and according to their needs. Steps can be taken for many reasons (physical or mental health, psychosocial support, housing, revenue, administrative situation, job, etc.), and can either be undertaken in an informal fashion, or through individual meetings and appointments. We can even accompany beneficiaries, if necessary, when taking various steps, based on their requests or needs (hospital, family mediation, CLSC, court, income taxes, dental care).

AAt the day center, PAS de la rue provides tools (phone, computers, Internet, fax, etc.) to assist beneficiaries in their steps.

For 4 years, PAS de la rue has been offering a pre-employability program during which 10 participants aged 50 and over take steps towards finding a job, through a series of workshops and stimulating projects. This program is made possible through Emploi-Québec’s support.

In 2014-2015, PAS de la rue will be innovating, offering assistance form an on-site nurse at the day centre. For more information, contact the Reception Officer or Coordinator.

In 2013-2014 :

1837 social reintegration support meetings, including:
950 formal, individual-basis meetings;
793 support meetings at the day centre;
94 accompaniments, in-home visits and out-reach actions.