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Extreme precariousness and homelessness of people aged 55 and over is a complex socioeconomic phenomenon. In order to better understand it, PAS de la rue has been involved since 2011 in research so as to document it, give voice to the people who experience it, adapt our services, and adapt our sector’s responses in cooperation with partners and citizens.

PAS de la rue’s first study, conducted with support from the Government of Quebec, and of a distinguished researcher, Vieillir dans la rue (see Publications) allowed to take a major step forward in understanding this reality, as well as of the hope that resides in the potential of individuals being accompanied and the courses of action identified in this research.

Involved with the actions of organizations such as the CREMIS (Montréal research centre on social inequality and discrimination and alternative citizen participation), PAS de la rue will keep up its efforts in that direction over the next few years in order to work from a better understanding of the realities and needs.

In 2013-2014 :

  • Vieillir dans la rue research completed and final report published (available on our website, French only), ending a three-year action research initiative lead by our organization.
  • Fall 2013 public awareness campaign to disseminate research results, and to unify the population on this issue.
  • September 23, 2013 press conference: Vieillir dans la rue report published, and awareness campaign launched.
  • Media coverage of the research and its conclusions (television, newspapers, radio, social media).
  • Meetings with key stakeholders in order to provide them with the research conclusions as well as possible solutions.
  • Creation of a practice framework by our intervention team, based on our expertise and research results. (available on our website, French only)
  • Conference workshops given by PAS de la rue representatives on our research, and our practice framework (at ACFAS, RSIQ, GEPSI, etc.).