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PAS de la rue has an out-reach work team comprised of professional and understanding workers, who reach out to the people living in extremely precarious situations, or likely to end up in the street, directly in their environment, to help them stabilize their situation. They also directly reach out to the homeless in need of close assistance with their stabilization or reintegration steps, by visiting and working closely with first line resources, or even in the community (Maison du père, Mission Old Brewery, Accueil Bonneau, Sac-à-dos, Toit rouge, CSLC, hospitals, public places, etc.). Our out-reach workers guide people towards appropriate resources, help them take the first steps, and work in close partnership with key stakeholders.

In 2013-2014 :

1064 street or public space-level, or in-resource contacts
304 new people reached out to
760 follow-up meetings
237 collaborations with partners, citizens, public place representatives or storekeepers
61 women worked with.