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Josiane Akrich
Relais du PAS

Josiane Akrich was PAS de la rue’s principal counselor for over 5 years. Since November 2014, she has been principal counselor at the Relais du PAS, our new transition housing program (to be launched Spring 2015). Her affinities and her engagement towards elderly people were largely responsible in defining her educational and career choices. “Thanks to PAS de la rue, I could make my dreams come true—councelling respectfully, while leading elderly people towards a beneficial and structuring realization, and having them open up to the world.” Her studies at the master’s level in gerontology, as well as her bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Arts), allow her to work in a holistic fashion with elderly people, within an integrated continuum. “My next challenge will be to aim for a sustainable residential stability for the beneficiaries of PAS de la rue, using the program that we will be offering at the Relais du PAS.”