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Hélène St-Onge
  • Nurse

Hélène, our nurse, has acquired a vast wealth of knowledge following numerous trips and a wide range of work experiences. She worked in tourism as a conference coordinator, and was also responsible for cruise ship stays. For her, what this experience boils down to is to care for other people’s well-being, no matter where they are from.
In her early forties, she started studying nursing. She worked for the last ten years at Info-Santé 811, giving advice and responding to health questions. Her evening work led her to listen to and support financially-deprived, often elderly, people. Wishing to get involved with these people, she started as a volunteer at Pas de la rue, and was eventually hired to offer, twice a month, services as a nurse. She believes that cordial listening, as well as teaching and health advice will make a difference in improving their living conditions. She makes sure to refer her clients to the right health network resources. Her personal mission is to encourage people to care for their health.