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Throughout the year, the PAS de la rue acts as an inclusion organization, open to its surrounding community both in terms of volunteer development, training and reintegration of people.

Valorisation bénévole : 

  • 48 bénévoles citoyens pour 4160hours worked
  • 57 bénévoles usagers pour 930 hours worked

reintegration :

  • 12 personnes pour 1800 heures de travaux compensatoires
  • 5 personnes pour 750 heures de travaux communautaires

Formation :

  • 6 stagiaires étudiants de 1ère et 2ème année (480 heures)
  • 3 stagiaires de 3ème année et + (252 heures)





Poste : Soutien à l’équipe auprès des personnes défavorisées

Tâches :

  • Welcome at reception and answer the phone
  • Help in the kitchen
  • Listen and discuss with those present
  • Participate in activities: round tables, outings, etc.
  • Accompany to appointments

haracteristics : Be available for a 4 hour block, once a week.

Work timetable : by day.

Volunteers are trained: welcome, active listening…
For information and application, contact the volunteer management team:

514-526-1699 #0 



« The first day I did not tell myself that I was not very helpful. Now no matter what I have to do, I feel very useful and I start to develop a certain bond with certain users. »

« My experience is very positive at the center. I find that there is a beautiful energy. The team and the users are very welcoming.»

« As a volunteer, I feel useful both in my tasks and when I spend time with the people I support. »

« I feel very useful with my diving help, active listening and support for the team. »

« I really like the mission and values ​​of the organization. »

« Support and guidance for volunteers is present without being intrusive. »