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PAS de la rue’s approach is a holistic one, taking into account every beneficiary’s particular specificities and needs within an integrated process. This process goes from street-level out-reach to social or residential reintegration, or simply stabilization, and from in-centre socialization to remobilization. We base this out-reach process on an individualized and voluntaristic approach that aims at developing every beneficiary’s power to act.

Our workers reach out to the elderly within their own environment to tell them about the centre, and to offer them our support should they express such a need, or simply to offer them a sincere link-forging presence.


PAS de la rue is committed to respecting the Association des professionnels en gestion philanthropique’s code of ethics.

This Code of ethics is developed by the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy, in consultation with charities and charity leaders throughout Canada. In Quebec, this code of ethics is distributed and circulated by the Conseil de la philanthropie.

Charities that adopt this Code of ethics will be committing to fundraising practices that respect donors’ rights to truthful information and to privacy. They will also be committing to responsible management of the funds

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that donors entrust to them, and to report their financial affairs accurately and completely.

Donors or prospective donors who have questions or concerns about fundraising activities should contact the charity on whose behalf the funds are being solicited. Charities that adopt the Ethical Fundraising & Financial Accountability Code are committed to deal with such queries promptly and fairly.